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XHP70.2 LED 1800 Lumens USB Charging Telescopic Zoom Waterproof Outdoors Camping Flashlight With 2 pcs 26650 Batteries and USB Line

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This product not only has ultra-high illumination brightness, but also has a certain degree of Telescopic, can be shorten a few centimeters, easy to carry. It is made of aluminum alloy, durable, with good battery life, and USB charging, so you can use a variety of equipment to charge it, to ensure that you will not lose power when you use it outdoors.

  • Lamp Beads: High power lamp beads, strong long-range shooting ability, wide range of irradiation, long endurance.
  • Zoom: Stretch the head up and down, adjust the astigmatism focus mode, convenient for lighting.
  • Aluminum Alloy Body: Made of high toughness aluminum alloy, durable.
  • Middle Switch: Metal material, surface anti-skid treatment, light touch switch to switch lighting mode.
  • Direct Charging Design: USB direct charging design, charging anytime and anywhere.
Light Source XHP70.2
Color Black
Power 2 x 26650 Battery
Lighting Time 10-20 Hours
Charging Method Micro USB Direct Charge
Range 600-1000 Meters
Zoom Zoom Lens ( Zoom in / Zoom out )
Waterproof Rating IPX4
Material Aluminum Alloy
Package Includes
  • 1 x Flashlight
  • 1 x USB Line
  • 2 x 26650 Batteries
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