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Window Privacy Insulation Film

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Leave your blinds and curtains up and get some sunlight in the house without worrying about people seeing in from the outside with the Window Privacy Insulation Film! The tinted film allows you to see out the windows from inside, but adds a tinted layer so that people can¡¯t see in from outside! The film also reflects heat away from your home from the sunlight to keep hot air out. In the winter time, it prevents cold air from getting into your home.?

Lower your electricity bill and prevent people from peeking inside your home with the awesome Privacy Insulation Window Film!



  • Tints the outside of your windows so people can¡¯t see inside?
  • Lowers your electricity bill by keeping hot air out in the summer and keeping cold air out in the winter
  • Thick and high-quality material- Has an awesome thermal insulation effect with an anti-scratch layer on the surface
  • Block out 85% of infrared sunlight rays and 97% of UV rays, energy saving film
  • Added privacy protection to your home windows and doors
  • Easy to install- just make sure window is clean, cut the film to the desired size if needed, remove the back of the film to bring out adhesive side, ?then use soapy water to soak both the window & the adhesive side of film and place on window. Squeeze out any air and water bubbles with a hard flat surface (credit card etc)

Package includes:

1 x Window Privacy Insulation Film (choose desired size when you order)


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