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Welding Inspection Gauge

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Welding Inspection Gauge or commonly known as a Bridge Cam Gauge, is an accurate, sturdy gauge for both shop and field applications. It can measure fillet weld leg length and throat thickness, height of weld reinforcement, depth of undercut, misalignment and the angle of preparation. Welding Inspection Gauge includes both imperial and metric measurement scales.

This weld gauge is used to measure the important dimensions of weld preparations & completed butt and fillet welds. Rapidly measures angle preparation from 0 to 60, this weld gauge generally measures up to 60 mm or 2 inches. You can use the Welding Inspection Gauge can measure a range of measurements including:

  • Angle of preparation
  • Excess weld metal
  • Depth of undercut
  • Depth of pitting
  • Weld throat size
  • Etc.

Package Includes: 1*Welding Inspection Gauge

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