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Waterproof Memory Card Carrying Case

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Always lost your memory card or looking for a proper way to keep your memory cards? Here's the perfect memory card casing for you. Waterproof Memory Card Carrying Case is a tough, water-resistant polycarbonate case made to carry and store memory cards. The case comes with different sizes of card slot for easy classification, convenient and easy to find. It supports a variety of mainstream storage card such as SD, CF, XD and microSD.

Each card slot is tailored strictly in accordance with the size of the corresponding card. Durable ABS storage case and protective TPV pad effectively protect your memory card. This card case has a convex design for you to grip comfortably, it is compact and light-weight and it's extremely easy and convenient for you to carry around. It can holds up tp 24 cards (8SD+4CF+12MSD/TF)

Waterproof Memory Card Carrying Case comes with waterproof & dustproof features too. water-resistant and dust-proof. 

Material: ABS, PC, TPV
Size:6 * 7.5 * 2.8 CM
Weight: approx.136g.
Package Includes:
1 x Waterproof Memory Card Carrying Case

Note: Cards not included
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