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Waterproof Bag 2L-25L

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From extreme adventure to daily urban use, waterproof bag keeps your valuables safe from rain, snow, dirt, dust, or sand, and even protects against quick temporary submersion. Once you go waterproof, you'll never go back!

These waterproof bags are tough and durable! 500D nylon fabric + TPU lamination + Heat-taped seams + Roll top closure = 100% waterproof bags that will last for years! Light weight and compact making it easy to take them with you anytime you need them. 

The top of each bag has two D-rings for multiple tie-down and clip-on options. Depending on the size you need, you can use any of the bags on their own, or use the full set together for the ultimate camouflage dry bag storage system.

With the total protection feature, roll-top closure and lock & fix sealing mechanism, this waterproof bag ensures your Cameras, iPad tablets, cell phones & equipment are dry & safe. This bag is designed easy reach to keys, identity cards, wallets, accessory, electronics and other valuables through the attached splash-protected waterproof pockets.

This dry backpack comes with an organizer in a zipper pocket for attaching additional rings and hooks. The bag has Double Protection in case of puncture or tearing. Reflective tape at the back helps you to look for your bag in the dark. 

The adjustable straps of this dry backpack makes it easy to carry for adventures like boating or yacht riding, kayaking, diving, rafting, snorkeling, swimming, hiking, camping.








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