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Universal Car Seat Gap Organizer

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Do you ever drop your phone, credit card or change in the gap between your car seat and the center console? This is one of the most annoying things about every single car. It is impossible to reach your hand in between the seat and grab what slipped. The Universal Car Seat Gap Organizer not only adds some extra organization and holding space to your car, but it also prevents things from falling in between the annoying car seat gap!

No more digging your hand in between the seat and the center console to find items that fell. Keep your eyes on the road and prevent these distractions with the Car Seat Gap Organizer. Keep your personal items such as your phone, wallet, chapstick, pens, and more organized and right by your side during a drive.

Universal car seat gap organizer



  • Prevents items from falling in between your car seat and center console
  • Keeps personal items organized and easy to find while driving
  • Prevents you from getting distracted and taking your eyes off the road while driving?
  • Has a small hole in the design of the organizer so you can slip a phone charger or aux cord through for even more organization
  • Has lots of storage space, including a cup holder and two extra thin slots that can fit phones, wallets, cash, credit cards, pens, and more
  • Cover that annoying car seat gap?
  • Is UNIVERSAL- fits in most car models
  • Made of high-quality ABS plastic material, is easy to rinse out and clean if dirty
  • Easy to install- just insert the organizer slightly into the gap between the car seat and center console until it is tightly fitting

Package includes:

1x Universal Car Seat Gap Organizer?

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