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The Professional s Knife Sharpener

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Sharpen ANY Edge!

Sharpen Your Dull Knives in Seconds

Our knife sharpener is the best in the business. Featuring two independent spring-action bars that contour to the edge of your knife, our sharpener is designed to fit any blade edge and press perfectly to sharpen it to a fine point. That includes standard, serrated, and beveled knives. They all work!

Built Using The Best

Our knife sharpener is forged using Austria Tungsten Carbide. Built to be better than other knife sharpeners, we use only the strongest materials. Hone your old knives into brand new blades.

Works Every Time

Some sharpeners are built for specific blades. Either thin chef blades, or large Vertoku knives. But you can't be expected to keep 3 different sharpeners for your kitchenware! Our Professional's Knife Sharpener is spring-activated to shape perfectly around whichever blade is put through, and actively works to hone the straight edge of your blade. Restore your old blades to their former glory!

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