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Mini HD Camera 1080P

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The Mini Camera HD is a portable camera device that records in 1080P.


The Mini camera HD can also be used as any sports cam with the stent (provided), you can record in your car while riding your bike, or just by clipping it to your bag.

First, the camera must be small. And this one here is as small as it gets! Built-in a perfect cube, this camera doesn’t stand even one inch off the ground.

Second, the camera must take good footage. If you can’t get a clear video, what’s the point? This one, however, can record in a crystal-clear 1080p resolution, with a wide 120º field-of-view!

And the last thing the camera needs is a good battery. This camera contains a 200mAh Li-ion battery that has a fully working time of 60 minutes! And is easily rechargeable with the included micro USB cable. 

The above make up your standard mini camera, but this one has more to it…

Also built-in is a night vision light for recording in the dark, and a motion sensor that turns the camera on once it detects movement from 5-10 meters away! Just think about how handy this will be during emergency situations…


  • HD 1080p camera with a wide 120º field-of-view
  • Contains night vision for clear footage even in the dark
  • 5-10 meter motion detector for capturing video when needed most
  • Loop-cycle recording replaces old files with new files automatically when necessary 
  • Super small design allows for discreet recording

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