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Reciprocating Water Spray

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High Pressure Manual Car Wash Water Gun!

How to use the Reciprocating Water Spray :
1. Insert one end of the equipped red water suction tube into the tapered port at the end of the spray gun, and insert the water suction filter base at the other end of the water suction tube, and place it in a container containing water.

2. Hold the upper and lower handles of the spray gun with the left and right hands, pull the handle up and down to spray.

3. About the spray head: the original copper spray head of the spray gun is used to spray fine mist, mainly used for spraying pesticides, or watering plant seedlings.


Material: Alloy
Gun material: brass
Handle material: plastic, PVC plastic
Tube diameter: 18MM
Specification: with telescopic
Supporting accessories: leather tube 1.5 meters, filter
Spray distance: 6-10 (m)
Scope of application: garden watering, car washing, agricultural watering

Package Included:
1 X Reciprocating Water Spray

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