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Portable Pizza Oven w/ Gas & Wood Burners/Pizza shovel

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Bake authentic Neapolitan pizza in 60 seconds. From the UK's leading manufacturer of commercial stone pizza ovens, it is the world's first portable stone pizza oven. Ultra-fast heating and fiery temperatures (up to 930°F) allow you to grill, grill, grill, burn or grill food in the backyard or on the beach for a fraction of the usual cooking time.

The portable outdoor oven can reach 930°F (500°C) in just 15 minutes and cook Neapolitan pizza in 60 seconds.
Includes wood burners for authenticity and gas burners for convenience.
Reproduce the original stone cooked taste of professional stone oven.
The unique safety touch silicone jacket can protect users from high temperature.
Used as a multi-function outdoor oven/grill for grilling steaks and barbecues


21 inches x 16 1/2 inches x 18 1/2 inches high.
44 lbs 2 oz
Extra information
It can hold a 12-inch pizza, a large grill pan or two smaller grill pans.
Quick setup-just take it out of the box and add fuel.
Two "tap" burners make it easy to switch between gas and wood burning.
Easy-to-read color-coded temperature dial.
Three sturdy legs provide stability on a table or other flat surface.
The legs are folded down for easy storage.
Self-cleaning oven.
Hand assembled using high quality commercial grade materials.
Durable stainless steel structure with food grade silicone sleeve.
Cordierite mullite ceramic floor.
Includes professional-grade pizza crust and recipe manual.


  • Theself-cleans internally at high temperatures.
  • Wipe external surface with warm, soapy water and a soft, damp cloth when oven is not in use.
  • Brush the burner clean with a soft-bristled brush when cool.
  • Do not use chemicals or abrasive methods.
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