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Hanging Neck Fan Air Cooler USB Hanging Neck Air Conditioner

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The portable air conditioning neck fan mini AC device USB can be recharged and enjoy cool and fresh air. This portable air conditioner is a neck fan, which provides cool, comfortable, controlled and convenient no matter where you are!


This portable AC is compact in design, powerful, and has the feel of Arctic air. It can effectively cool the room of your choice in minutes, day or night. Our portable AC devices can be powered by any USB device and are specially designed to provide convenience for you indoors and outdoors.

Compact design. The portable and powerful portable neck fan can immediately make your space cool and pleasant. Our small portable air conditioners are ideal for offices, bedrooms, etc.


Summer may be great, but the long hot weather in the cruel heat quickly becomes unbearable, which is why we make portable room air conditioners. Our silent portable air conditioners use natural evaporative cooling to cool, humidify and purify to create a perfect microclimate.

Why try our portable AC air conditioner neck fan mini AC power USB rechargeable?

Over the years, our mini portable air conditioner has more than 10,000 satisfied customers, and its performance and price are lower than traditional portable air conditioners and neck fans. With high-quality products at reasonable prices, this portable neck fan can be used as a personal portable AC device or a portable air conditioner, arguably the best portable air conditioner in 2020!颈扇


Powerful cooling effect-our portable AC uses natural evaporative cooling to cool, humidify and purify to create the perfect microclimate. In short, it is the most suitable portable communication device for hot summer months.

Efficient and energy-saving-our air-conditioning neck fan can be used as your personal air conditioner, and its power consumption is less than 10W, which will not increase the electricity bill.

Personal air conditioner-compact and portable, this portable indoor air conditioner is quiet and can meet your needs. This quiet portable neck fan air conditioner is equipped with an ultra-quiet fan throughout the night to keep you asleep.

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