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Portable Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

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Simply save the annoying crumb dust cleaning time on your desk, sofa, or dinner table with our Portable Automatic Vacuum Cleaner. It is effortless and fun to use while gathering all waste from your surfaces together. All you need to do is just empty when it is full and then you can restart it.

No more cloth wipes or twice cleaning required. You will always want to clean up yourself after using our fun mini vacuum. It helps you avoid health hazards caused by the secondary flight of dust caused by cleaning the environment around the tabletop. It’s comfortable to use you won’t get tired and it won’t fall off the table.


  • Multifunctional and Wide Application  

Perfect for cleaning dust from the desk, laptop, keyboard, cigarette ash, bread crumbs or paper scraps, eraser crumbs on the desk, pet hair, particles in makeup bags, crumbs on carpets, sofas, benches, etc. Suitable for use in schools, offices, homes, or cars.

  • Super Strong Suction

This product is ideal for collecting pet hair and everything that may be on the ground. Not only does it pick up visible dust and debris, but it also picks up pet dust and other air-drying particles. 

The strong motor and great suction are powerful enough and work very well on pet fur, which can be a pain to remove. The mini vacuum cleaner offers 12, 000 RPM of suction and works on hard and upholstered surfaces.

  • Larger Cleaning Area  

It comes in large diameter and a nylon secondary cleaning brush at the bottom giving you a hassle-free life and a comfortable cleaning experience. 

  • Portable

Made in a small size for easy packing and transportation.  Its wireless design makes it quite practical, you can use it anytime, anywhere. Ideal gift for children at school, coworkers, or people who do cleaning jobs at home.

  • Useful and Convenient     

The powerful suction capacity can help you save energy and tie after a busy day. The quiet low noise design will give you a calm and relaxed environment while cleaning.

  • Media Filter  

It provides an efficient filter system, just open the dust collector and remove the filter net. And the filter can be washed with fresh water and reused.

  • Cordless and Rechargeable 

It comes with a rechargeable Li-battery, free to use everywhere after 180 minutes of charging. It also has a charging indicator. When charging, the red light turns on, and when charging is completed the light goes off.

  • Easy Operation

With only one press button, the cleaner will start automatically. All you need to do is move it around the desk and any other area you want to be cleaned. It cleans pet hair, dirt, and ashes leaving no traces behind. The upgraded large bottom design makes cleaning easy and effortless.

  • Easy to Clean

Designed with a removable bottom, you can rotate and open when you need to clean the vacuum cleaner.

Technical Specifications

Color: Pink/ Gray/ Blue/ Green


1x Portable Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

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