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Mini Air Conditioner 6W 1000ml Water Capacity Touch-Screen Dormitory Office Desktop Air Conditioning Fan

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It's too difficult to handle ...?

If you want to know how to keep indoors warm in winter and cool in summer at night without spending a ton of money on the central cooling system, I think you will be shocked by what you are about to read!

Let me explain. This portable air conditioner does not require a central cooling system and can provide cool, fresh air anytime, anywhere.   

You have a problem ...

Moreover, we provide a solution for the portable air conditioner mini small room cooler air conditioner!

This is not only the perfect indoor portable air conditioner cooling fan for small air conditioners, providing cool air to the bedroom, but this mini air conditioner will act as your nearest companion everywhere you go.     


Bring back the cold wind in winter!

In short, it is impossible to find any other small portable air conditioner, they can achieve the function of our portable air conditioner.

If not the best portable air conditioner, what is it?

This air conditioner cooler fan can run without windows and will help you to spend the hottest and hottest days. When they sweat in awe in the hot sun, you will let everyone reassess their lives.


New ways to keep the night cool

Obtaining a traditional cooling system is both expensive and expensive.

You need something that is easy to carry and travel, but also meets its air-conditioning purpose. Well, this is what inspired this personal exchange travel agency.

With the installation requirements of no vents or windows, I can't imagine anything easier to use than this portable air conditioner. Just pour water into a portable AC device to enjoy the extreme cold brought by one of the smallest air conditioners on the market today!




Frosted, cooled AC unit-On your hottest summer day, this portable AC unit is the best portable air conditioner with the feel of Arctic air. Consider it to be your mini personal air conditioner. It is an air conditioner for travel. It makes people feel desperate when they sweat on a hot summer day.

Energy saving-Unlike traditional AC equipment, our small cooling fans consume 10W less electricity and do not increase electricity costs. It is a cheap alternative to portable air conditioners that can work in your room, bedroom, etc.

How it works-Our portable air conditioner doesn't have to be ventilated, which means it doesn't require windows. Just pour water (the cooler the better) into a small portable AC device to enjoy the subtle, cool, cool breeze from the miniature tubeless air conditioner.

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