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Pilates Resistance Ring

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The Pilates Resistance Ring enhances your body with a deep exercise by using a spring-like resistance method to exert pressure onto the ring while exercising. Target your waist, upper body, and legs by doing different exercises with the Pilates Ring!

The Resistance Ring allows you to do a variety of exercises safely and simply. Get yourself in the rhythm of a safe exercise routine by using the resistance ring. The ring targets all areas of your body for a thorough workout.?

The Pilates Resistance Ring is perfect for:

  • Reducing back aches
  • Toning and strengthening the arms, thighs, and legs?
  • Enhancing pilates training


  • Lightweight and portable- carry in your gym bag or luggage and bring with you anywhere
  • Multipurpose- Tone your muscles, stretch sore muscles, increase flexibility
  • Unbreakable fiberglass material with an anti-skid rubber
  • Padded foam handles for comfortable use

Package includes:?

1 x Pilates Resistance Ring

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