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Luminous Baseboard Wall Sticker Tape

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The awesome Luminous Baseboard Wall Sticker Tape will light up your home. With the luminous tape, you will never walk around your home in the dark again. Light up hallways, rooms, kitchen cabinets and more with the glow-in-the-dark feature of this baseboard tape.?

Luminous Tape baseboards


  • Glowing Luminous Tape: Baseboard tape absorbs light during the day so that it can glow all night
  • Light Up Every Part of Your Home: Make hallways, rooms, kitchen cabinets, closets and every part of your home glow with the luminous baseboard tape
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Substitute the night lights in your home for the eco-friendly baseboard sticker tape. No electricity needed!
  • Easy to Install:?Just stick the luminous tape right on to any smooth surface of your wall, floor, baseboards, windows
  • Waterproof Material: The baseboard luminous tape is made of waterproof material that is also mildew resistant
  • Removable Tape: The wall tape can be easily removed and will leave no marks behind
  • Two Different Length Rolls: The luminous tape can be purchased as a 55 inch roll of glow tape or a 160 inch roll of glow tape

Note: Please make sure the surface you are placing the luminous tape is smooth, clean and dry before application or it won't stick properly.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Durable PVC
  • Size: Comes in 55in Length x .79in Width (140cm x 2cm) OR 160in Length x .79in Width (400cm x 2cm).?
  • Color: Green
  • Features: Glow in the dark tape, Absorbs light during the day and glows in the dark

Package Includes:?

1 x Roll Luminous Baseboard Sticker Tape

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