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Galaxy Projector Night Light

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Sleep under the stars with the Galaxy Projector Night Light. The projector rotates and creates a moving galaxy of constellations and stars right from your bedroom. The star night light is perfect for all people, including children, space lovers, and people who love to lay down and watch the stars.

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The Galaxy Projector Lamp has different color LED lights enclosed by multiple stellar screens. These screens have small spots that cast a sky full of starts around your room. The night light helps you relax and sleep better at night. Not only is the Galaxy Projector great for your home, its also perfect to set an enchanting tone at parties, weddings, and gatherings.?


  • Turn any room into a starry night sky with the Rotating Galaxy Projector! It creates a cozy, relaxing and enchanting atmosphere.?
  • Turn the projector on with just one button. Just press the button on the base of the projector and watch the beautiful results
  • The colors switch between cool white, warm white, and blue.?
  • Cordless and portable, just uses 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • The projector has a dodecahedron (12 faces) structure that looks awesome and unique when not in use

Product Specifications:

Material: High-Quality ABS

Size: 12.6 cm x 10.5 cm

Package Includes:

1 x Galaxy Projector Lamp

1 x User Manual

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