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F-22 Raptor Jet remote control aircraft,Drone EPP Remote Control RC Airplane RTF Kids Toy Jet with 6-axis Stabilizer System Ready to Fly

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  • ☂🏙ONO-KEY AEROBATIC: This function of the rc airplane includes “flip” and “roll”, means that the airplane can do aerobatic automatically in two direction if you turn it into beginner mode and use this function. Everyone could enjoy the aerobatic flight even if he/she is a new pilot.
  • ☂ 🏙DURABLE MATERIAL: EPP composite materiall for reliable impact resistance, duration and easy fixing,high flexibility, excellent recovery, not easy to break.
  • ☂🏙MORE LONGER FLYING, MORE FUN WITH YOU: The gear box system provides more thrust and power to increase speed, and more efficient to save battery's power, allowing the plane to fly a long time about 20 minutes.
  • ☂ 🏙GREAT AIRPLANE FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURE: 2.4Ghz Radio Control distance of 440 yd, the strong anti-interference capability allows to hold a small flight club party between you and your friends.
  • ☂🏙FULLY ASSEMBLY: True ready-to-fly (RTF version) rc airplane package allows the plane to take off within 2 minutes after you open the box,Featured with reasonable design of climbing angle,easy to take-off and excellent gliding performance.Functions: Turn left/right, up/down, spiral.
    • The Freewing F-22 is a flying RC replica of this innovative fighter jet.  Boasting both the lowest stall speed and one of the highest top speeds among all of Freewing’s jets, be prepared to fly a wide flight envelope with this visually stunning model aircraft!  Freewing’s F-22 is capable of maneuvers most other EDFs can only dream

    •  Assembled from an array of materials including EPO foam, aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, nylon, plastic, and wood, the Freewing F-22 delivers extreme maneuverability and reliable durability on grass runways.  The model aircraft features a mixture of sharp panel lines, graduated paintwork, and realistic decals.
    •  More than 15 colors of paint and decals combine to represent the subtle but complex surface shades and panels seen on the full-size F-22.  The model’s main colors appear to slightly “shift” depending on the light conditions, with metallic, matte, and semi-gloss surfaces working to achieve the subtle effect.  This isn’t your average plain gray jet!
      Main Assembly is completed primarily with screws to attach the flying surfaces.  The full flying horizontal stabilizers’ metal shafts rotate within steel bearings for smooth operation, and their servos along with the aileron and flap servos are housed within plastic trays for easy removal and servicing.  As with the recent popular Freewing 80mm L-39, this Freewing 90mm F-22’s cockpit is also lined with thin plastic to resist heat damage to the darker cockpit surfaces.
       The main wings disconnect conveniently with a flexible ribbon wire cable, which smartly reduces the load exerted on the actual electronic connections.  A magnetic nose cone encased in molded plastic with raised surface details can be removed easily to reduce the model’s length during transport to your flying field.  Finally, the onboard MFCB supports expansion of up to eight additional LEDs aside from the sequenced landing light.
      The Freewing F-22 is simultaneously capable of extreme expert-level maneuvers and sedate trainer-like flying.  A widened gear stance and larger-than-scale grass-appropriate wheels greatly improve ground handling on short grass runways. The servo operated nose gear door is also aided by recessed magnets to help hold the doors shut during flight. 
      • Freewing F-22 Raptor 90mm EDF Jet - PNP
      • 9-Blade EDF power system (installed)
      • 3748-1750kV outrunner brushless motor (installed)
      • 130A ESC with EC5 connector (installed)
      • Electronic retractable landing gear (installed)
      • Servos, LED Lights (installed)
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