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Cat Treat Nibble Ball

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Stick the Cat Treat Nibble Ball right onto the wall and let your cat enjoy every lick while providing your cat with nutrition, energy, and entertainment!

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  • Rich in nutrients. The cat nibble contains fish gelatin and cat peppermint. These both contain high-grade collagen and different vitamins and calcium. This includes zinc, iron, selenium, and other nutrients.
  • Contains catnip. Catnip attracts cats to its taste and helps them spit up hair balls.
  • Can stick the nibble ball anywhere. The bottom of the treat has a strong adhesive that can be placed on the floor and on walls.?

Product specifications:

Ingredients: Cat peppermint, fish gelatin, catnip

Size: 1.57 x 0.79 x 0.39 inches

Package includes: 1 x Cat Treat Nutrition Ball?

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