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Wrist Water Gun

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With this hot weather and lots of summer free time happening in the near future, it's time to stock up on outdoor toys like this  Wrist Water Gun.

Unlike traditional hand-pump models, this water gun mounts over your wrist while a compact pump fits in the palm of your hand so you can easily pump and shoot water by squeezing your hand. Single-handedly fire off deadly streams of water using this  Wrist Water Gun. It works great and will definitely provide fun and splash around the area.


  • Long lasting water reserve
  • Colorful water can be installed
  • Adjustable water gun head
  • Suitable for a variety of situations


  1. Open the hole and fill up the water to the tank.
  2. Put the mini water gun on your wrist and fasten it with the magic stick.
  3. Press the launch button, and the water will shoot out.


  • Color :Random.
  • Maximum range: 4M
  • Water capacity: 90ML
  • Size: 23*8 cm


  • 1 x Wrist Water Gun


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